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In New York State, police officers and firefighters who are rendered permanently disabled as the result of an on-the-job “accident” are eligible to receive a tax-free pension of 75% of their Final Average Salary. To qualify, the first responder needs to demonstrate that their work injury meets the definition of an “accident” as defined over time by New York State courts. An “accident” is a sudden, unexpected occurrence that was not a risk inherent in the work [...]

MEDICAL MARIJUANA NOW AVAILABLE FOR NEW YORK STATE WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIMS December 7, 2017           GREAT NEWS FOR INJURED WORKERS…The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board Public Information Officer has advised that medical marijuana is covered “…for New York State approved indications within our workers’ compensation system,” according to an online new article dated November 8, 2017. The [...]

On  August 10, 2017, the Appellate Division, Third Department unanimously affirmed that a fatal heart attack suffered by an employee at work was job related and thus awarded the surviving spouse death benefits.  In affirming the decision of the Workers’ Compensation Board, the Court held that medical evidence concerning the effects of work place stress on the decedent was a contributing factor to her demise notwithstanding evidence of a pre-existing cardiac condition and other [...]

Delivering Gifts

December 21, 2016
Delivering Gifts

Today, at The Law Firm of Alex Dell, our elves delivered gifts to children at the South End Children's cafe! We are humbled yet again by the generosity of our staff who donated all of these awesome gifts! #givingback #happyholidays