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Our Veteran Law Attorney & Social Security Lawyer Loyally Serves Sarasota, FL

Despite its intimate population of about 56,000 people, Sarasota, FL is a town that is bustling with life and culture. This hidden gem is located about 60 miles away from Tampa, one of Florida’s busiest cities.

Workers in Sarasota often have their hands full with the amount of business the city receives, as Sarasota is a hot spot for tourists and young adults who recently moved to Florida. If you’re a worker who’s caught up in Sarasota’s hustle and bustle, a qualified attorney may be of use. In the case you find yourself unable to work, a qualified attorney will help you receive the proper benefits, regardless of your selected industry.

All you have to do is contact the Law Firm of Alex Dell to schedule a preliminary consultation. When you become injured or sick, it can become a stressful situation for yourself and your family members, however, our worker's compensation attorney works diligently to make sure you are represented and taken care of while recovering.

We also specialize in veterans law. When you need the professional guidance of a qualified VA benefits or veterans disability attorney in Sarasota, make the Lawn Firm of Alex Dell your first call.

Rely On Our Social Security Lawyer

When you are looking for a social security lawyer in the Sarasota, FL area, rely on the team at the Law Firm Of Alex Dell. From filling out the application to attending the hearing, our lawyers can help guide you through the often confusing steps. We make sure you fill out the paperwork correctly as well as include any documentation to support your condition. Having a social security lawyer on your side to complete these initial steps increases your chances of not getting denied the first attempt at filing. If you have been denied, you have a 60-day limit to request your claim be reviewed again. The key is to have a reliable social security lawyer by your side. If you are looking for help with your case in Sarasota, FL, contact our office.

Your Trusted Social Security Lawyer & Workers’ Compensation Attorney

We specialize in veterans law, workers’ compensation law, and SSD and SSI law. If you need a workers’ compensation attorney, disability retirement attorney, social security lawyer, veterans disability attorney, or VA benefits attorney, we would love to be of assistance.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to work and fight hard for your rights, so you may receive the justice you rightfully deserve. Call now to get the help you need in Sarasota, FL. Schedule a preliminary consultation with a trusted veterans law attorney or social security lawyer today to jumpstart the legal process!