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Veterans Affairs Law

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Applying for VA compensation and disability, aid and attendance, educational benefits, unemployability, special monthly compensation, or other claims through the VA can be a frustrating time. The veteran is plagued with injuries. These wounds can be physical or hidden. The family members are encountering helping injured loved ones while also trying to file the appropriate documents.  While also responding timely to requests from the VA. Yet still, the veteran and family are met with difficulty—the VA.

This creates a considerable amount of stress that can interfere with the application process.  There are moments during this stressful time that making a timely decision is important. Decisions about how to apply, what injuries to claim, what facts or evidence to submit, or where to send your reply to the VA. All these decisions can create more unnecessary stress or cause unanticipated confusion. During this time, it may be helpful to have a veterans disability attorney assisting you or your family when filing the appropriate documents and facts.

At the Law Firm of Alex Dell, PLLC, our office provides services to veterans and their families nationwide that can help make this transition easier. Or, at the very least, provide insight and clarity in the fog of the VA benefits and claims process. It is important to have a dedicated VA benefits attorney who is a veteran and has experienced the VA after they transitioned out of the military. 

After reading this you may ask, how does the attorney receive payment? Federal regulation 38 C.F.R. 14.636 discusses the fee. In short, if we file a new claim or an increase, and you are approved outright, our office cannot collect a fee. That’s right. The successful claim is a victory for you and no fee for our office.  However, if you are wrongfully denied by the VA, or have been wrongfully denied by the VA in the past, that is when our fight begins and 38 C.F.R. 14.636 permits us to collect a fee of 20% of the back-pay.  After, we fight for you and so long as you permit this relationship. You control the claim, we fight for you.

Lastly, and most importantly, as a veteran and family member please know the new Appeals Modernization Act is creating a nuisance of issues that frustrate the system. This creates more confusion and stress. During these changes, it is equally important to have an attorney that is a veteran and familiar with navigating these legal channels. We can fight for you and protect your rights while living your life. That is our job. To fight for you.

Why You Need a VA Benefits Attorney

  • Legal Advice: Veterans law is complicated. The law changes constantly. It is impossible for most people to keep up with. Our lawyers keep up with the latest law changes and can provide you with professional legal advice for your benefits case.

  • Saves Time: When filling out or filing paperwork for your disability case you can easily make a mistake that can significantly delay your case. Our lawyers will review your paperwork prior to submitting it to ensure that your case is not delayed over a clerical error or anything similar to that.

  • Help Navigating the Legal Process: The claims process is complicated. There are many steps that you must complete to get through the process. Our veteran's disability attorney will help you with the various deadlines and forms.

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Please understand that this small note is not even the tip of the iceberg. There are many other options and avenues to discuss in terms of veterans law. As in all cases, please contact our office so that we can put eyes on your military service and provide better advice to you and your family. Please contact us at 866-965-2667 for a free consultation.

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