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Veterans Law

The Law Firm of Alex Dell, PLLC provides representation for VA claims to Veterans and their families nationwide.

1. What is a VA Disability Claim?

  • A VA Disability Claim is a formal request for compensation and benefits submitted by a veteran who believes they have a disability connected to their military service.

2.  Am I eligible for VA Disability Benefits?

  • To establish service connection the Veteran must prove the following:

    1. An in-service event, injury, or disease

    2. A current diagnosed disability

    3. A nexus between the in-service event, injury, or disease and the current diagnosed condition.

3. What evidence do I need to support my claim?

  • You should provide medical records, service records, and any relevant documents to support your claim. These may include doctor's reports, hospital records, and statements from fellow service members or family members.

4. What happens after I file a claim?

  • After submitting your claim, the VA will review your application, request any necessary exams or medical opinions, and make a decision. You will receive a notification regarding the outcome.

5. What happens if the VA denies my claim?

  • If your claim for service connection is denied, the VA allows multiple avenues for appeal.

    1. Supplemental Claim

    2. A Request for Higher-Level Review

    3. Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA)

    4. Court of Veterans Appeals Claims (CAVAC)

6. How is the disability rating determined?

  • The VA assigns disability ratings based on the severity of your condition, ranging from 0% to 100%. The rating is determined through a review of medical evidence and how the disability affects your daily life.

7.  How much will the VA pay me monthly?

  • The amount of monthly compensation will depend on your overall rating and if you have dependents. (See chart below for 2024 rates without dependents)

                        Disability Rating

Monthly Payment (in U.S. $)





















8. Can I receive Social Security or Workers’ Compensation along with VA disability compensation?

  • VA Disability compensation will not be offset by an alternate source of income.

9.  How much does representation cost at the Law Firm of Alex Dell?

  • Our staff of accredited representatives works on a contingency fee basis.

    • We only get paid if you do!

10. How can the Law Firm of Alex Dell help me?

  • At the Law Firm of Alex Dell, PLLC we pride ourselves in assisting Veterans and their families in all aspects of VA Disability Claims.

  • Our firm assists with representation throughout the entire process, this also includes the original filing.

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