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Disability Retirement

Disability Retirement Attorney Serving New York State

For many public employees with serious disabilities and other medical conditions, NYS Disability Retirement benefits are an important part of their retirement plan. The disability retirement attorney at the Law Firm of Alex Dell, PLLC is here to explain what benefits eligible employees may qualify for, and to help them through every step of the application process.

You need an experienced attorney handling your case. We are proud to help our clients throughout New York State. 

Learn About Your Benefit Options

Several factors, including your retirement plan, membership tier and final average salary will determine the total amount of benefits you will be eligible to receive. Depending on your age and type of disability, we may have you apply for several types of disability benefits, and if your application is approved, you may have more than one benefit option to choose from.

All the options given by the Retirement System allow for a lifetime monthly payment. People can take the maximum monthly payment or choose a smaller amount, with the option to select a beneficiary to continue receiving payments after death.

Some people applying for Disability Retirement benefits may be eligible for other programs, and others may have to apply for programs like workers' compensation. No matter your particular situation, our disability retirement attorney can evaluate all your options and determine the best way to proceed in your specific case. Contact our offices today to learn more about or to schedule a consultation. We are proud to serve clients throughout New York State and Florida State.