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Workers' Compensation Claims and Disability Benefits

Workers' Compensation Claims And Disability Benefits

As experienced workers' compensation attorneys, our job goes beyond helping our New York State clients apply for workers' compensation benefits. Our job is to identify every type of benefit someone injured on the job might be entitled to, and to help them obtain those benefits for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, too often, people think that the only claim they have is a workers' comp claim. However, in certain cases, a person may have other claims in addition to their NYS workers' compensation claim. As experienced attorneys, we have the knowledge and experience to identify such claims so that you know exactly what you are entitled to.

Our clients — who worked hard at their jobs, day in and day out — shouldn't have to struggle financially following a workplace accident. Many people who experience a long-term partial or total disability and receive workers' compensation benefits are also eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Our firm handles SSDI claims as well as workers' compensation, and can determine whether you are eligible for these and possibly other benefits.

Your Guide Through The Claims Process

Workers' compensation and SSDI have separate claims processes. The NYS Workers' Compensation Board administers workers' compensation, while the Social Security Administration administers SSDI claims and benefits. Unlike many law firms, we help people with their SSD/SSI claims from the very beginning. We file applications for SSD/SSI for our clients.

Don't have multiple firms handle your multiple claims. Our firm will oversee every aspect of all your claims. We will gather the necessary medical information and thoroughly review your application to be sure it gives you the best possible chance to receive needed benefits. We promise to keep you updated about your case, and quickly explain anything that you have questions about.