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VA Disability Law Resources

Current VA Disability Compensation Rates (2021)

The Veterans Administration (VA) strives to help veterans access a variety of benefits and services earned through taking part in military services. This includes health care, education, and disability benefits. If a veteran has endured service-related illnesses or injuries he/she may be entitled to VA disability compensation. This is a monthly, tax-free payment for veterans who may have become injured or ill during their military service. It is also available for veterans who had a pre-existing condition that became worse by military service.

In most cases, if you are completing an application to receive VA benefits, you will not need a veteran's disability attorney. However, if you have been denied, our veteran's law team can help. The veteran's disability attorney at the Law Firm Of Alex Dell will help you meet important deadlines, fill out and submit the correct paperwork, and ensure you have enough evidence to be considered for disability. For help with your case or for more information, contact the team at the Law Firm Of Alex Dell serving Albany and Plattsburgh, NY, as well as Sarasota, FL.