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          The popularity of smart phone application delivery services is becoming more widespread. People can have food and other products from their favorite restaurants and stores delivered to their home, and individuals are finding new ways to work or supplement their income by becoming couriers for those services.            But what happens if the delivery person gets injured while performing the courier service? Is the injured person [...]

In accordance with the recommendations of the Government in light of the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus and our commitment to keep our employees and clients as safe as possible, we are temporarily suspending all office meetings. While we are always happy to have our clients come in for meetings, unfortunately at this time we are not allowing visitors into our office. Rest assured our staff and attorneys are still available to assist you via phone, email or text.Phone: 518-862-5555E-mail: [...]

At the New York Injured Workers’ Bar Association meeting held in New York City on January 25, 2020, our own attorney Mindy McDermott was elected to the Board of Directors of the Injured Workers’ Bar Association. The Injured Workers’ Bar Association is dedicated to the representation of an advocacy on behalf of injured workers throughout New York State.