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"Alex Dell has been the best comp and SS disability attorney. Not only that but Alex has become a friend who really cares. I have received calls from him on a Saturday at 10pm just to see how I am doing. I respect this man and his law firm and I highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Alex and your staff" - Jamie M.

"Thank you Alex for everything you have done to help my children. Because of you they will definitely be able to go to college and have a good start in life. God Bless you and your staff for all your hard work." - Daniela F.

"Alex is the best workmans comp attorney in New York State" - Sean F.

"I have been a client of Alex's for over 3 yrs. He took on my case when I thought there wasn't really any hope of a positive outcome. He knew just how to handle things. It sure was a fight, but he got things done! Thanks, Alex…for all you've done to help me! You always have my recommendation! Now, it appears like we'll be talking again soon…rough waters ahead…but I'm sure you'll know just what to do! You're the best!" - Sharon F.

"Alex is the best lawyer ever and he is now handling my Daughters affairs. I cant say enough about him.You guys are the best of the best!" - Mary R.